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About Us

About Us

Antalya Building Material Trading LLC was established in 1994 in Dubai to offer professional marble concepts to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Years of experience in all aspects of the marble industry have enabled Antalya to achieve an unrivaled position as a leading distributor for high-quality marble products in the U.A.E.


Antalya earned its place in the League of Top Performers in the Marble Trade. It is one of the renowned Marble Operation In the U.A.E  


 In our efforts to cater to our customers’ requirements further, we have recently developed our product line to offer a wide range of marbles. The list is not exhaustive as our team is always on the lookout for new decorative ideas and products to satisfy the variety of tastes in the U.A.E. market.  


At Antalya we believe that success in business comes through customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved through professional service and continuous development with the support of a dedicated tea.

Our Vision

Our main priority is to grasp our Client’s vision, understand their business model, and help them achieve their desired outcomes. We aim to provide our distinguished Clients with best pricing, timing and job warranty to achieve their ultimate satisfaction. ANTALYA is about creating the setting and functionality that reinforces the unique vision of everyone involved and we make it our mission to be a leader not only in understanding what our Client needs but to contribute for the success of the project.

Our Mission

ANTALYA has executed a number of major marble projects with great efficiency.  Our uncompromised professionalism in every aspect of work is explanatory for a long list of clientele.


Professionalism in service and continuous development of customer satisfaction is our goal.


The quality of marble and the atmosphere of our working environment. At ANTALYA we understand this and hence we provide better illumination solutions for your marble requirements.

Our Manufacturing Standard

Material, workmanship, the standard of performance, and design specified have complied with all codes and regulations of the industrial practice and expectation. Specified requirements are duly accepted and complied with. Quality is of prime importance with designated quality controllers.